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Tactics for boosting in-store lottery sales

Following the appointment of Nigel Railton to the position of permanent chief executive at Camelot at the end of last year, there has been a lot of encouraging discussion recently about ways to re-vitalise the sale of lottery tickets.

While Camelot’s confident plans to make the national lottery more appealing are mainly about the games themselves – including for example the introduction of an annuity-style game and increasing the odds of winning – they also recognised the importance of getting the retail offering right with a pledge to bolster its retail and customer service department.

At Fastrak Lottery Solutions we understand better than most the link between getting the consumer experience in-store right which will help drive sales.

With more than 15 years’ experience providing specialist point of sale display solutions to the global lottery industry, we know that driving sales and brand awareness is a two-fold process; make it clear which lottery products are available and then to make it easy for a player to make a purchase.

For example, instant win tickets are increasingly popular because players can find out instantly if they’ve been successful. However, they are also a highly impulsive buy so if consumers don’t know they’re available – or need to go to an additional location in-store to buy them – it will have a negative impact on the sale of a product.

Getting display right at the Point of Sale  

Whether you’re selling instant win tickets or draw based games, the point of sale dispensers and signage you use are the most effective tools in your armoury. Here are just some of the things to think about when you’re considering what to opt for

Consumer Journey:  Take the customer on a journey not just to a destination, allow the browsing to begin out front of the store with window POS displays, and among the aisles with floor standing and overhead displays

Eye catching: displays should inform, engage and excite consumers. Use impactful colours and fonts that can be easily read from a distance – while staying within brand guidelines

High quality: consumers may not be spending a large sum of money but they do hope to win one! High quality POS offers financial security and ensures the display will stand the test of time.

A key requirement of a project we worked on for Camelot was to ensure the designs and materials provided were capable of lasting for the full 10 year span of its third licence under normal use

Unit type: depending on your requirements and budget you could opt to use your branding on a standard dispenser or have it custom-built

Informative: provide the information consumers need (how to play, the size of the prize etc.) as well as anything you are obliged to provide under UK Advertising Codes

Easy to use: to be functional and practical making it easy for consumers to shop and also enabling the store operatives to dispense tickets efficiently

Space saving: as retail space is always at a premium, we have developed several innovative lottery POS display and dispensing solutions to save space without compromising on effectiveness

Installation: Units should be easy to install. If it’s easy to get them in, it’ll be easy to adapt them to any changes in store layout

Security: theft, attractive high value products (like instant win tickets) should be located in units that can be moved for overnight storage without comprising the efficiency of the product.

Fastrak Lottery Solutions offers an innovative and highly adaptable Point of Delivery (POD) system which is modular and can be easily reconfigured. It also incorporates an integrated locking base which allows the dispensers to be easily removed allowing it to be fixed to most surfaces and easily removed for overnight storage

Location: aim for maximum visibility e.g. on counter-tops or at queuing points.

We recently trialled an in-lane check out, scratch card display and dispensing solution with impressive results. More information to follow soon…

About Fastrak Lottery Solutions

We have a proven track record for increased sales and raising brand awareness for lottery providers around the world including Camelot UK Lotteries, PremierLotteries Irelane, New Zealand and Catalonia. We are unique because we combine an in-depth understanding of retail knowledge and consumer behaviour with the creativity to design innovative lottery displays and dispensers and have the engineering expertise to manufacture it.  All in one place.

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