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Whether state or privately owned, lotteries provide a significant source of income to governments around the world but as a game of chance, as opposed to skill, they are prohibited in some countries.

However, as politicians around the world struggle to balance their books and satisfy voters, it’s predicted that more and more countries (and in the US states) will legalise or deregulate lotteries in order to generate revenue, create employment opportunities and contribute to social welfare.*

This offers significant opportunities around the world** but with growing competition from online providers and other forms of gambling offering significantly better odds, lottery retailers need to deliver ever more innovative Point of Sale (POS) solutions to ensure they capture the consumer’s imagination.

As world leaders in the creation of innovative lottery POS solutions we know that while creative, eye-catching promotions can attract new players, the key to sustainable growth is about building brand loyalty using recognisable displays and delivering engaging, high quality customer experiences.

Get the Fastrak to global lottery success

Fastrak Lottery Solutions has more than 15 years’ experience working with leading lottery providers around the world. Our success is driven by our unique ability to offer both the creativity design and engineering expertise needed to manufacture effective lottery POS solutions.

As a result we have a physical presence in the UK, Europe, Australasia, Asia and North America where we recently appointed Gary Newman to manage growing US sales. Based in New York, Gary is a retail POS specialist with a background in mechanical and production engineering. His proven record for helping prestigious brands stand out in the retail landscape makes him the perfect fit to grow our business with US lottery retailers.

To find out more about our US lottery solutions contact Gary or visit our web site at

Gary Newman

Case Study: POS designed to stand the test of time for Camelot

Fastrak were appointed by Camelot UK Lotteries  to help design and develop a new range of point of sale display equipment. A key requirement was to ensure the designs and materials provided would last for the full 10 year span of Camelot’s third licence to run the UK’s National Lottery.

We used our innovative design and engineering skills to create parts that were simple to use and install, yet robust and visually effective, ensuring the Camelot Brand was instantly recognisable and made a real impact.

We have been very impressed with Fastrak Retail’s innovative ideas and their ability to deliver quality goods on time.” Duncan Malyon, Sales Director at Camelot

We also created a modular and flexible scratch card dispensing system for Camelot that provides security, visibility of product, ease of install and management and compatibility with the lottery retailer’s instant game products.

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**The global lottery market is anticipated to grow at a steady rate and post a Compound Annual Growth Rate of more than 9% during 2017-21. Source:


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