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Tactics for boosting in-store lottery sales

Following the appointment of Nigel Railton to the position of permanent chief executive at Camelot at the end of last year, there has been a lot of encouraging discussion recently about ways to re-vitalise the sale of lottery tickets.

While Camelot’s confident plans to make the national lottery more appealing are mainly about the games themselves – including for example the introduction of an annuity-style game and increasing the odds of winning – they also recognised the importance of getting the retail offering right with a pledge to bolster its retail and customer service department.

At Fastrak Lottery Solutions we understand better than most the link between getting the consumer experience in-store right which will help drive sales.…

Fastrak Lottery Solutions poised to meet the demands of growing global lottery market

Whether state or privately owned, lotteries provide a significant source of income to governments around the world but as a game of chance, as opposed to skill, they are prohibited in some countries.

However, as politicians around the world struggle to balance their books and satisfy voters, it’s predicted that more and more countries (and in the US states) will legalise or deregulate lotteries in order to generate revenue, create employment opportunities and contribute to social welfare.*

This offers significant opportunities around the world** but with growing competition from online providers and other forms of gambling offering significantly better odds, lottery retailers need to deliver ever more innovative Point of Sale (POS) solutions to ensure they capture the consumer’s imagination.…

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